southwestern-sweet-potato-002My new found love for sweet potatoes has expended since experimenting with toppings for these sweet root veggies.

I came up with this one evening while enjoying a small bowl of black beans and realized they would probably be delicious on the sweet potato with fresh avocado cubes, red onion, cilantro and lime juice.

It’s a interesting combination of flavors. I absolutely love it.

So how do you make this? Simple.

Pop a medium sized sweet potato into the microwave for 5 minutes or boil in water for 15 minutes, until soft.

Split it wide open add some vegan butter, a spoonful of cooked black beans on each side, top with fresh avocado, sprinkle with chopped cilantro and red onions, and squeeze a quarter piece of lime all over. Add a pinch of sea salt.

It’s great for lunch or dinner. Oh and you could even add a dap of vegan sour cream if you have on hand. Want to spice it up? Add your favorite hot sauce too. The options are endless.