vegetarian-enchiladas-with-sweet-potato-black-bean-kale-02Images reprinted with permission from Domesticate Me and Healthy Aperture

These roasted sweet potato kale and black bean enchiladas are definitely going on the menu tonight. Although it looks like a long recipe to make I think it will be easy and so worth it.

I’m a huge Mexican food fan so making these are a win win for me. To make this recipe completely vegan I will use Daiya pepperjack shredded cheese and opt out on the goat cheese inside the enchiladas.

Let’s see how they come out.

Oh and I think I’ll top these with a dap of vegan sour cream and some homemade guacamole.

Another idea… what do you think of adding avocado slices inside the enchiladas instead of the goat cheese? Hmmm…

Find more photos and the full recipe here.