Happy New Year! Time for those new year resolutions. This year one of my resolutions is to quit coffee for good! I got a head start a few days before the 1st because why not start early?

The Green Goddess Smoothie has been an amazing coffee replacement. Above you can see all the delicious greens that go into this drink.

Give this smoothie a try and I bet you will have more energy than a cup of coffee.


1/2 scoop wheat grass powder

1/2 scoop fine super green powder

1 tbsp flax seed oil (helps reduce headaches when you quit coffee!)

1 cup coconut water

4 ice cubes

1 red chard leaf

1 kale leaf

1 bok choy leaf

1 inch chuck of cucumber

3 baby carrots

large scoop of avocado

1/2 lemon (freshly squeezed)

handful fresh cilantro

2 packs of Stevia in the Raw (helps the smoothie taste better)


1. Add all ingredients into a blender (I use a Nutri-Bullet). Add more ice if needed or coconut water.  Blend until everything is mixed well. Enjoy!