Crispy Tofu Rice Bowls-01

Crispy Tofu Rice Bowls-02

Image credits: Coffee and Quinoa

Now that I have drank two coffees and a cappuccino (all with soy milk of course) I can actually share some goodies I have found around the web.

Check out this delicious looking rice bowl with crisp tofu bites I found this morning.  While debating what kind of meals I would be making this week I felt like I would try some tofu recipes. I try to plan ahead and that way it’s easy to grocery shop as well.

I like tofu but I do not cook it often. I have plenty of recipes that call for tofu but it’s not may go-to type of recipe.

This recipe makes the tofu look not only crispy goodness but easy to make as well.

Find more photos and the full recipe here. You will also see there is a amazing thai peanut sauce recipe too.