Photo credit: Messy Kitchen Stories

I love the name of this blog I stumbled on to… Messy Kitchen Stories. I know when I’m in the kitchen there is some sort of beautiful mess happening. And yes there are plenty of stories to go with the mess. It’s all about food and fun, right?

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when I’m cooking something new and different…something that takes me out of my comfort zone.

Here I have found a rather easy version of chickpea tikka masala. Yet, cooking Indian food is not necessarily easy all the time. Getting the spices to balance in the perfect way takes practice and patience.

I really love cooking Indian food because for me the dish I prepare never taste the same twice. Which I feel is great. It all depends on the mood you are in and the food matches that.

Find the full recipe here. Happy cooking! Go create a beautiful messy kitchen 😉